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Zufriedene Kunden in mehr als 50 Ländern zeugen von unseren Software-Produkten:


"What a great tool...every environmental group should have this software"

Alan Pryor, environmental engineer and consultant, California, USA


"Canarina provides the ideal modeling tools to supplement human judgment in environmental studies. Very convenient and highly recommended"

Eng. Lam KAJUBI, President/CEO
Air Water Earth Inc. and Pollution Control Equipment, LLC, Uganda


"This software is a powerful tool to evaluate the environmental impact of air pollution emissions . . . it is possible to know the affected areas very easily. . . it's a great program and every industrial complex should have this tool"

Julio Mario Dequelli, environmental consultant, Argentina


I use Canarina software often. It's a very good program for this price"

Irena Taraskeviciene, environmental consultant, Lithuania


"The software is user-friendly and simple yet gives an output result with reasonably high accuracy to allow judgment to be made"

Mr. Hung, environmental consultant, Malaysia




Canarina Environmental Software

Software für Umweltsimulationen

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Member of MAPO: European network on Marine Pollution.

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