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At the present time, numerous companies dedicated to the environmental consultancy and  environmental consulting firms use our programs to simulate different pollution processes in their studies. Canarina Environmental Software has users in more than 60 countries and its headquarters are located in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

List of countries where we have clients:

Algeria – People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Flag of Argentina Argentina – Argentine Republic

Australia – Commonwealth of Australia

Austria – Republic of Austria

Belarus – Republic of Belarus

Belgium – Kingdom of Belgium  

Flag of Bolivia Bolivia – Republic of Bolivia

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brazil – Federative Republic of Brazil

Bulgaria – Republic of Bulgaria

Flag of Canada Canada

Flag of Chile Chile – Republic of Chile

China – People's Republic of China

Flag of Colombia Colombia – Republic of Colombia

Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica – Republic of Costa Rica

Flag of Croatia Croatia – Republic of Croatia

Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic

Denmark – Kingdom of Denmark

Flag of the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic

  Egypt – Arab Republic of Egypt

Flag of Ecuador Ecuador – Republic of Ecuador

Flag of El Salvador El Salvador – Republic of El Salvador

  Estonia – Republic of Estonia

Flag of France France – French Republic

Finland – Republic of Finland

Flag of Germany Germany – Federal Republic of Germany

Greece – Hellenic Republic

Flag of Guatemala Guatemala – Republic of Guatemala

Flag of Honduras Honduras – Republic of Honduras

Hong Kong – Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China

Hungary – Republic of Hungary

Flag of India India – Republic of India

Flag of Indonesia Indonesia – Republic of Indonesia

Iran – Islamic Republic of Iran

Ireland - Republic of Ireland

Flag of Italy Italy – Italian Republic

Flag of Japan Japan

Kenya – Republic of Kenya

Korea, South – Republic of Korea

Flag of Kuwait Kuwait – State of Kuwait

Flag of Lithuania Lithuania – Republic of Lithuania

Luxembourg – Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Flag of Malaysia Malaysia

Flag of Mexico Mexico – United Mexican States

Montenegro – Republic of Montenegro

Morocco – Kingdom of Morocco

Netherlands – Kingdom of the Netherlands

New Zealand

Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua – Republic of Nicaragua

Flag of Nigeria Nigeria – Federal Republic of Nigeria

Norway – Kingdom of Norway

Flag of Pakistan Pakistan – Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Flag of Panama Panama – Republic of Panama

Flag of Paraguay Paraguay – Republic of Paraguay

Flag of Peru Peru – Republic of Peru

Flag of the Philippines Philippines – Republic of the Philippines

Poland – Republic of Poland

Flag of Portugal Portugal – Portuguese Republic

Puerto Rico – Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (US commonwealth)

Qatar – State of Qatar

Flag of Romania Romania

Russia – Russian Federation

Saudi Arabia – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Seychelles – Republic of Seychelles

Flag of Serbia Serbia – Republic of Serbia

Singapore – Republic of Singapore

Flag of Slovakia Slovakia – Slovak Republic

Flag of Slovenia Slovenia – Republic of Slovenia

Flag of South Africa South Africa – Republic of South Africa

Flag of Spain Spain – Kingdom of Spain

Sweden – Kingdom of Sweden

Switzerland – Swiss Confederation

Taiwan – Republic of China

Flag of Tanzania Tanzania – United Republic of Tanzania

Flag of Thailand Thailand – Kingdom of Thailand

Tunisia – Tunisian Republic

Turkey – Republic of Turkey

Flag of Uganda Uganda – Republic of Uganda


Flag of the United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Flag of the United States United States – United States of America

Flag of Uruguay Uruguay – Eastern Republic of Uruguay

Flag of Venezuela Venezuela – Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Vietnam – Socialist Republic of Vietnam



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Canarina Environmental Software

Software for environmental consulting firms

Canary Islands, Spain 

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European Union · network on Pollution

Member of MAPO: European network on Marine Pollution.



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