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Sea pollution and water contamination I · software


Applications 1: outfall modeling · discharge simulation and sewage · effluent modeling and wastewater · outfall and plume simulation · pycnocline · thermocline · ouftfall simulation and water quality · water contamination · effluent and water discharge ·  fluid flow modeling · flow analysis · environmental protection · environmental analysis


Pollutants in the Sea

The water and the ground play a fundamental paper in the development of the life. In this software, we will center ourselves in the study and in the administration of the  water. The outfall pipes, which release sewage, are mainly in the sea near the coast,

in rivers and in estuaries. DESCAR Software can simulate both situations. The main pollutants in the water are: organic compounds, heavy metals, organic chemicals, oil slicks and thermal water.

Organic wastes.- It is the main compound of wastewater discharges. The most important discharges with organic compounds are the home sewage and the industrial wastewaters. This type of discharge experiences a very important demand of oxygen (BOD = biochemical oxygen demand). Putting too much sewage into a water body can place too severe an oxygen demand on the water, leading to major pollution problems. Water without pollutants can have a DOB between 1 and 2 mg/L. Raw sewage has a DOB between 300 and 400 mg/L.

Heavy metals.- Some heavy metals like the Cu and the Zn are not biodegradable and they are deposited in mollusks that filter great quantity of water, as the mussel. These metals are toxic in high concentrations and they can produce a problem for the health when they are ingested.

Organic chemicals.- Some of these compounds like the pesticides and the PCB can cause a great impact in the environment.

Thermal waters.-  They are cooling waters from industrial and electric power plants. They may raise the temperature of the receiving water, increasing the rate of decomposition of biodegradable organic wastes.


Pollution map produced by continuous discharge in this region. The stratified model has been used.  The fucshia square represents a point source (position of the outfall pipe). The red colour represents high pollutant concentrations.




         (air)           (noise)              (electrosmog)    




water contamination



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