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Is the software for academic purposes?

No. The software is made for environmental consulting firms.


How to order?

We need all your data: name, address e-mail and the Fiscal Identity Number (or VAT number, or similar of the
customer for include it in the invoice, if it is possible or if you have in your country). You can send this information to us by an e-mail. When you send us your data, we will contact you soon and we will proceed to prepare your order.


How much is the software?

The price of the software is 590 Euros. Shipping and handling expenses are included in this posted price.


Are shipping and handling expenses included in the price?

Shipping and handling expenses are included in our posted prices


What is the payment method?
You can pay by credit card through PAYPAL or by wire transfer in a bank. But in any case if you prefer the other methods just tells us.

How long does it take to arrive?

Order will be sent first class by Postal Express and the estimated delivery date is 7 days (business days) in Europe and North America and 9 days in Africa and Asia.

Do you have software update policy?

Habitually we make good offers for the software upgrade, about 50 euros.

Do you have discount for buying more than one software?
If you buy more than one of our software (for example DISPER and CUSTIC), we can offer you another extra discount of 15%.

Do you have on-line installation support?

We can send you and on-line installation procedure by e-mail (or ftp by a link).

Do you have technical support?

No. However, the software is very easy to use and you can find and user's manual with examples.





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Canarina Software Ambiental

Software para empresas de consultoria ambiental

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European Union · network on Pollution

Member of MAPO: European network on Marine Pollution




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