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Air pollution dispersion modeling software


Applications 1: air pollution modeling software · flare stacks · odor units · air dispersion models · environmental GIS · environmental reports · indoor air quality · environmental health · environmental risk assessment · stack testing · atmospheric pollution · air modeling · gas dispersion 


DISPER Software - Air pollution dispersion modeling software. DISPER is a software for  air dispersion analysis. The program calculates the pollutant concentration in each point of the air considering each one of the pollutant sources and the conditions of the atmosphere. The system of simulation of processes of dispersion that DISPER 5.2 has, offers to the beginner and the expert programmer, a quick and practical system to evaluate the dispersion of pollutants in the air.

Canarina Environmental Software - Environmental software developers, located in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, and whose products include an air pollution dispersion modelling program: the DISPER Software. Software solutions for air dispersion models, traffic pollution models, contaminant emission modeling, industrial risk assessment models and emissions estimation.

DISPER software: air pollution software, stack design, air dispersion modeling, stack testing, air dispersion software and combustion modeling


The transport and dispersion of air pollutants in the air are influenced by many complex factors. Weather patterns and topographical conditions affect the way that pollutants are transported and dispersed in the air. The primary factors affecting transport and dispersion of pollutants are wind and stability. The winds are caused by differences in pressure between areas of the atmosphere. Differences in pressure cause air to move from high pressure areas to low pressure areas. Wind speed can affect the pollutant concentration in a selected area. In general, the higher the wind speed, the lower the pollutant concentration. The winds dilute pollutants and rapidly disperse them throughout the near areas. The DISPER air dispersion model is a steady-state Gaussian plume model which can be used to assess pollutant concentrations from wide variety of sources associated with an industrial complex, roads,...




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air pollution dispersion modeling software



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