where the expression for z # 0.1 zic is the free convection limit (Panofsky et al. 1977), for

0.1zi < z # zic is the mixed-layer value (Hicks 1985), and for z > zic is a parameterization to

connect the mixed layer F 2

wc to the assumed near-zero value well above the CBL. An example

profile of convective vertical turbulence described in eq. (35) is presented in Figure 6.

The mechanical turbulence (Fwm) is assumed to consist of a contribution from the boundary

layer (Fwml) and from a “residual layer” (Fwmr) above the boundary layer (z > zi) such that,

This is done to satisfy the assumed decoupling between the turbulence aloft (z > zi) and that at

the surface in the CBL shear layer, and to maintain a continuous variation of F 2

wm with z near z =


The expression for Fwml following the form of Brost et al. (1982) is

where the Fwml =1.3u* at z = 0 is consistent with Panofsky et al. (1977).


Above the mixing height Fwmr is set equal to the average of measured values in the residual

layer above zi. If measurements are not available, then Fwmr is taken as the default value of 0.02

u{zi}. The constant 0.02 is an assumed turbulence intensity iz ( = Fwm / u) for the very stable

conditions presumed to exist above zi (Briggs 1973). Within the mixed layer the residual

turbulence (Fwmr) is reduced linearly from its value at zi to zero at the surface. Figure 7 presents

the profile of the mechanical portion of the vertical turbulence in the CBL. The effect of

combining the residual and boundary layer mechanical turbulence (eq. (36)) can be seen in this




n951 - n952 - n953 - n954 - n955 - n956 - n957 - n958 - n959 - n960 - n961 - n962 - n963 - n964 - n965 - n966 - n967 - n968 - n969 - n970 - n971 - n972 - n973 - n974 - n975 - n976 - n977 - n978 - n979 - n980 - n881 - n982 - n983 - n984 - n985 - n986 - n987 - n988 - n989 - n990 - n991 - n992 - n993 - n994 - n995 - n996 - n997 - n998 - n999 - n1000


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