SAPRC99. Some chemistry differences were observed in the models based on the 36-

km U.S. and the 12-km VISTAS modeling; the performance of CB4 and CB4-2002

was similar, and superior to SAPRC99 overall.

• Given that the computational cost of SAPRC99 is twice that of CB4, suggested to use

36 and 12 km grids with CB4 chemistry for current VISTAS modeling study.

17. Yu, S., et al., “Simulation of Primary and Secondary Organic Aerosols over the US by

CMAQ: Evaluation and Analysis”, CMAS Annual workshop, RTP, NC, 2003.

• Evaluated CMAQ w/ SAPRC99 performance of Primary Organic Aerosols (POA), EC,

and secondary Organic Aerosols (SOA) based on IMPROVE, SEARCH, and SOS data.

• Suggested that model captured general trends & patterns of most EC & POA within a

factor of two (based on IMPROVE & SEARCH).

• Slight underprediction in the Eastern U.S., likely due to underprediction in biogenic


18. Chien, C. Y., et al., “CMAQ Model Performance Evaluation with the Updated CB4-2002",

CMAS Annual workshop, RTP, NC, 2003.

• Evaluated CMAQ w/ CB4 vs. CB4-2002 (and CB4-2002 with removed N2O5 gaseous

reaction) against IMPROVE, CASTNet and AQS based on January & July 1996 cases.

Described the key updates of CB4-2002 (HNO3, N2O5 & PAN rxns).

• CB4-2002 has lower O3, lower N2O5, lower PAN, higher HNO3, higher nitrate,

slightly higher sulfate, and slightly lower SOA prediction than CB4.

• The performance of CMAQ CB4 and CB4-2002 was similar for PM species. However,

CB4-2002 has higher positive bias for winter nitrate (since it predicted higher nitrate).


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