3. Boylan, J. and Baker, K., “Photochemical Model Performance and Consistency”, National

RPO Modeling Meeting, Denver, CO, 2005.

• Illustrated model performance comparisons of 36-km daily modeling results by MRPO

(CAMx4), VISTAS (CMAQ-CB4), and MANE-VU (CMAQ-SARPC99) for two

episodes (July 1999 and January 2002) at three IMPROVE sites; and by MRPO

(CAMx4) and VISTAS (CMAQ-CB4 for one episode (July 1999) for the Pittsburgh


• Indicated that in some cases there was good agreement among the models and selected

IMPROVE sites, but in others cases there were noticeable variations (even between the

two RPOs running CMAQ).

• Sulfate were more consistent among the three models; nitrate and OM have higher

discrepancies; All three models overpredicted nitrate and underpredicted OM (based on

model vs. observed scatter plots comparisons)

• Suggested that where models diverge, they may show a different response to control

strategies. Reasons for the model variations may include differences between CB4 and

SAPRC99, and potential differences in emissions inventories, differences in Kz_min

values, differences in met. & land use/soil methodologies, etc.

• Also described a comparison of hourly modeling results by MRPO and VISTAS for a

July 1999 episode at the Pittsburgh super site. In some cases these hourly results were


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