Supersites The Supersite (SS) monitoring program began in 2001 as an EPA OAQPS and

ORD co-funded project which measures speciated PM2.5 at eight air shed sites. Specifically, these

eight monitoring supersites are located in Baltimore, Maryland; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; New

York City, New York; Atlanta, Georgia; Houston, Texas; St. Louis, Missouri; Fresno, California

and Los Angeles, California. These supersites were developed as special study platforms for

research and measurement methods to address the scientific uncertainties associated with PM2.5.

The goals of the SS program include (1) fine particulate characterization to understand processes

and source-receptor relationships and to support PM2.5 and ozone SIPs, (2) testing of advanced

sampling methods to enable a smooth transition from established routine techniques, and (3)

development of monitoring data and samples shown in (1) to support health effects and exposure

studies. PM Supersites information can be obtained at

18.4 How Should the Operational Evaluation of Performance Be Completed?

As noted above, an operational evaluation is used to assess how accurately the model

predicts observed concentrations. Therefore, an operational evaluation can provide a benchmark

for model performance and identify model limitations and uncertainties that require diagnostic

evaluation for further model development/improvement. Computer graphics, ozone and PM

metrics/statistics, and observational models are all potentially useful for evaluating a model’s

ability to predict observed air quality. This section describes the recommended statistical

measures, graphical displays, and other analytical techniques which should be considered as part


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