chemistry in the U.S. NADP collects and reports wet deposition measurements as weekly

average data (NADP, 2002). The network is now known as NADP/NTN (National Trends

Network) with nearly 200 sites in operation. The NADP analyzes the constituents important in

precipitation chemistry, including those affecting rainfall acidity and those that may have

ecological effects. The NTN measures sulfate, nitrate, hydrogen ion (measure of acidity),

ammonia, chloride, and base cations (calcium, magnesium, potassium). Detailed information

regarding the NADP/NTN monitoring network can be found at

SEARCH The South Eastern Aerosol Research and CHaracterization (SEARCH) monitoring

network was established in 1998 and is a coordinated effort between the public and private sector

to characterize the chemical and physical composition as well as the geographical distribution and

long-term trends of PM2.5 in the Southeastern U.S (Edgerton, 2005; Hansen, 2003; Zheng, 2002).

SEARCH data are collected and reported on an hourly/daily basis. There are currently six

SEARCH measurement sites: Birmingham, Alabama (urban), Centreville, Alabama (rural),

Gulfport, Mississippi (urban), Jefferson Street, Atlanta, Georgia (urban), Oak Grove, Mississippi

(rural), Yorkville, Georgia (rural), suburban Pensacola, Florida (suburban), and downtown

Pensacola, Florida (urban). Background information regarding standard measurement

techniques/protocols and data retrieval can be found at


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