the data one can use EPA's Air Explorer tool (

which is a collection of user-friendly visualization tools for air quality analysts. The tools

generate maps, graphs, and data tables dynamically.

IMPROVE The Interagency Monitoring of PROtected Visual Environments (IMPROVE)

network began in 1985 as a cooperative visibility monitoring effort between EPA, federal land

management agencies, and state air agencies (IMPROVE, 2000). Data are collected at Class I

areas across the United States mostly at National Parks, National Wilderness Areas, and other

protected pristine areas. Currently, there are approximately 160 IMPROVE rural/remote sites

that have complete annual PM2.5 mass and/or PM2.5 species data. Of the total sites, 110 sites are

for regional haze and visibility (and are located at or near Class I areas) and 50 are protocol sites

(determined by the needs of state and local air pollution control agencies to meet their respective

State Implementation Plan (SIP) requirements). The website to obtain IMPROVE documentation

and/or data is

CASTNet Established in 1987, the Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNet) is a dry

deposition monitoring network where data are collected and reported as weekly average data

(U.S. EPA, 2002b). CASTNet provides atmospheric data on the dry deposition component of

total acid deposition, ground-level ozone and other forms of atmospheric pollution. The data are

collected in filter packs that sample the ambient air continuously during the week. CASTNet now

comprises over 70 monitoring stations across the United States. The longest data records are

primarily at eastern U.S. sites. More information can be obtained through the CASTNet website



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