Ambient Measurement Networks

Provided below is an overview of some of the various ambient air monitoring networks

currently available. Network methods and procedures are subject to change annually due

systematic review and/or updates to the current monitoring network/program. Please note, there

are other available monitoring networks which are not mentioned here and more details on the

networks and measurements should be obtained from other sources.

AQS The Air Quality System (AQS) is not an air quality monitoring network. However it is a

repository of ambient air pollution data and related meteorological data collected by EPA, state,

local and tribal air pollution control agencies from tens of thousands of monitors. The monitoring

data in AQS are the result of the various Clean Air Act requirements to provide a national

database of ambient air pollution data. This information management system contains over 1000

pollutants from 1957 through the present day. AQS contains all the routine hourly gaseous

pollutant data collected from State and Local Air Monitoring Stations (SLAMS) and National Air

Monitoring Stations (NAMS) sites. SLAMS is a dynamic network of monitors for state and local

directed monitoring objectives (e.g., control strategy development) which consists of

approximately 4,000 monitoring stations. A subset of the SLAMS network, the NAMS has an

emphasis on urban and multi-source areas (i.e, areas of maximum concentrations and high

population density).

The AQS database includes criteria pollutant data (SO2, NO2, O3, CO, PM10, PM2.5 and

Pb) and speciation data of particulate matter (SO4, NO3, NH4, EC, OC, and crustal Material), air

toxic data, photochemical assessment data, and meteorological data. The data are measured and

reported on an hourly or daily average basis. The AQS system continues to expand as regulations

consider to include more ambient air pollutants (U.S. EPA, 2006b). An overview of the AQS can


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