Chemical Economics Handbook. The Chemical Economics Handbook, produced by Access

International, Inc., is a series of reports on prices, production and consumption of hundreds of

chemical industry products and commodities. Past and current information on chemical products

and commodities is available, and projections of future prices, production and consumption are

often available. Reports on specific industries are also available. Reports at an industry level can

often be used to verify the efficacy of future industry modeling results. Each report is updated

every 3 years. Projections, some up to 5 years from the current day, are often prepared using

proprietary methods. Reports are available by subscription, and can be obtained as hard copy,

CD, or through the Internet at

EPA base-year control assumptions. EPA OAQPS creates and uses data that quantify assumed

base year controls on non-EGU point and stationary area sources. The most recent data published

(at the time of this writing) are described with the Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) Technical

Support Document (TSD). The Emission Inventory chapter of this TSD contains a description of

the base year controls assumed and how to get the data files from an FTP site; it is available

online at Additionally, two

possible future references for these types of data include (1) the Emissions Modeling Framework,

which will include a Controls Programs Database and (2) the EPA OAQPS Emissions Modeling

Clearinghouse, available at

17.6.3 Evaluate and refine data for projections in modeling region

For key sectors, emissions modelers should determine what information will impact the

projection results the most, and ensure that the data values reflect conditions or expectations of

the modeling region. The key information is identified based on a combination of base-year

emissions data and growth and control rates. An iterative process is helpful to complete this step,

as follows:

# Estimate fut


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