Census Bureau. The US Census Bureau provides data on total employees, total payroll, number

of establishments, and value of shipments by NAICS code (2 digit - 6 digit) for 1997 and 2002.

This database is ideal for examining changes in the number of establishments from 1997 - 2002.

However, it does not provide data from 1998-2001 so its trend information is limited to two

“snapshots”. Therefore, this data is useful primarily to evaluate the state/SCC and state/SIC

combinations from EGAS that show zero emissions growth, which indicates an assumption by

EGAS or its input data that those processes or industries do not exist in the state or region of

interest. The census data are available at


Federal Aviation Administration. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) provides aviation

data users with summary historical and forecast statistics on passenger demand and aviation

activity at U.S. airports. The summary level forecasts are based on individual airport projections.

The Terminal Area Forecast (TAF) includes forecasts for active airports in the National Plan of

Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS). The TAF can be accessed at http://www.apo.data.faa.gov/.

The TAF model allows users to create their own forecast scenarios. The TAF database, which

contains a query data application, allows the public to access and print historical and forecast (up

to 2025) aviation activity data by individual airport, state or FAA region.

Trade Organizations and individual facilities. Trade organizations can also be a helpful

resource because they often have projections for future-year growth of their industry and may be

aware of pending facility closures or new facility construction. This resources is most relevant

for large industrial sources that usually are included in point source inventories. In addition,

emissions modelers should consider contacting large sources of emissions in their modeling

region for their expectations of emissions growth or reduction. In many cases, large industries

may be willing to provide such information when presented with what will be used if no

additional information can be provided. For these types of data sources, emissions modelers


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