be noted that these sources have very little, if any, projection information. Instead, they provide

historical data that could be extrapolated to produce projections or to derive projections using

other methods.

EGAS results should be assigned to the inventory to give the best mapping of the raw data

to the inventory. Generally, SIC is the preferred cross-walk for point sources and SCC is the

preferred cross-walk for non-point sources. However, the DOE-based fuel consumption forecasts

(assigned by SCC) can also be useful for some sectors that use fuel combustion.

Bureau of Economic Analysis. The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) provides historical

data about macroeconomic factors at the state level such as gross state product, personal income

by industry, employment by industry, wages and earnings by industry, and population by state.

The website to obtain state and/or state-industry data is Such information may be used to verify emissions

growth forecasts in EGAS by comparing available historical BEA data (1997-2004) with the

REMI economic activity data driving emissions in EGAS for the same set of years. A good use

of the gross state product data is to verify growth in sectors/codes that use REMI output and

value-added data. Additionally, employment and population statistics can be compared with

sectors/codes using REMI employment and population data. The BEA also provides industry

specific national information at

However, since these data are at the national level, the use of the data should be limited to

comparisons with national simulations in EGAS.

Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides historical statespecific

and national employment data. The BLS database is fairly large and provides more detail

than needed for verifying the growth factors generated in EGAS using REMI employment data.

However, BLS employment data is likely to be as accurate if not more accurate than employee

data provided by BEA and US Census. The data are available at


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