and future-year

inventories. Additional information on this tool is available at:

# For aircraft, locomotive, and marine emissions, the best source of data on the impact of

national rules from EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ) is the

Federal Register notices including these rules. Since each rule is different, there is no

single guidance that can be made about how these should be incorporated. As EPA

OAQPS incorporates these data into their work, it is possible in the future that it will be

available on EPA’s Emissions Modeling Clearinghouse at

# For aircraft emissions, the Federal Aviation Administration data can be used to assist with

growth estimates. More information is provided in the “additional resources” section,


Additional resources.

In addition to sector-specific resources, there are other sources of information that can be

used for more than a single sector as information to help determine the most applicable growth

rates for the modeling region. These include the Economic Growth Analysis System (EGAS),

Bureau of Economic Analysis data, Bureau of Labor Statistics “Employment Outlook”, Census

Bureau data, Trade Organizations and individual facilities, and the Chemical Economics

Handbook. The following paragraphs provide a brief description and additional references for

each of the sources of data just listed. Section 17.6.3 provides information about how to choose

the best information for a given sector.


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