The references in Table 4.1-1 are out of date and should be updated as follows:

- MOBILE6 - is an operational model and can be used


- The PART5 model is no longer needed because MOBILE6 replaces it

- The California mobile sources emissions page is now:

- The EIIP mobile source document is now available at:


- Emission Inventory Guidance documentation is now available at:

Additionally, the Economic Growth Analysis System (EGAS) contains VMT growth information

and can be used to grow VMT by SCC. This system is further described in the “Additional

resources” section below.

Nonroad mobile sources.

Section 4 of the EIIP projections document provides details about projecting nonroad

mobile sources. Several of the references or statements in that document are now out of date, as

follows. Additionally, several new capabilities are available, which also are included in the list


# As noted above for on-road sources, the Office of Mobile Sources has changed to the

Office of Transportation and Air Quality and has a different web site.

# The EPA’s NONROAD model has been completed and has been used in a variety of ways

by EPA, states, and local agencies. The website for the NONROAD model is:

# California’s OFFROAD model website is now:

# OTAQ has created the National Mobile Inventory Model, which drives both the

MOBILE6 model and the NONROAD model to create base-year and future-year

inventories. Additional information on this tool is available at:


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