- Energy consumption by industry report, 2002:


- Annual Energy outlook report, 2005:


The references in Table 2.1-2 are also out of date and should be updated as follows:

- US EPA Emissions trends reports. These reports can be used to provide the historical

trends of emissions sectors based on the National Emission Inventory:


- Integrated Planning Model:


- Multiple Projections System - is no longer in use

- California Emission Forecasting System:


The tools and data sources described in the “Additional resources” section below should also be

evaluated for use for projection of point source emissions.

Stationary area sources.

Section 3 of the EIIP projections document provides details about projecting area-source

(a.k.a nonpoint emissions). However, several of the references or statements in that document are

now out of date, as follows.

# The web sites for SCCs, AP-42 emission factors, and more information about area-source

inventories are out of date. These should be updated to the same sites as were listed in the

point sources section above.

# The ASEM model mentioned in Section 3.2 of the EIIP projection document was not


n801 - n802 - n803 - n804 - n805 - n806 - n807 - n808 - n809 - n810 - n811 - n812 - n813 - n814 - n815 - n816 - n817 - n818 - n819 - n820 - n821 - n822 - n823 - n824 - n825 - n826 - n827 - n828 - n829 - n830 - n831 - n832 - n833 - n834 - n835 - n836 - n837 - n838 - n839 - n840 - n841 - n842 - n843 - n844 - n845 - n846 - n847 - n848 - n849 - n850


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