software to use it. It includes utilities for creating speciation profiles, biogenic land use, and

spatial surrogates. An updated version has new spatial processors, which limit the need for GIS


The Emissions Preprocessor System - Version 2.5 (EPS-2.5), software and User's Guide

are available through Systems Applications International/ICF Consulting (

EPS-2.5 is a comprehensive emissions processing system that supports processing of stationary

point, stationary area, and mobile emissions for the development of base and future-year

modeling inventories for input to the CAMX, UAM-V, and REMSAD models. EPS-2.5 consists

of a set of stand-alone FORTRAN programs that do not require third-party software. The system

is capable of preparing local, regional, and continental-scale emission inventories for ozone,

particulate matter, mercury, and air toxics modeling applications. EPS 2.5 is available for UNIX

and Linux operating systems. It includes utilities for creating source-specific temporal and

chemical speciation profiles based on locally provided detailed information for episode specific

emission inventories. It also includes utilities for preparing spatial surrogates. In addition, EPS-

2.5 has the capability of creating modeling inventories required for the application of source

apportionment techniques such as UAM-V's Ozone and Precursor Tagging Methodology

(OPTM). A newer version of EPS is also available, called EPS-3.

The Consolidated Community Emissions Processing Tool (CONCEPT) is an open source

model written primarily in PostgreSQL. Users are encouraged to make additions and

enhancements to the model. The database structure of the model makes the system easy to

understand, and the modeling codes themselves are documented to encourage user participation

in customizing the system for specific modeling requirements. The CONCEPT model structure

and implementation allows for multiple levels of QA analysis during every step of the emissions

calculation process. Using the database structures, an emissions modeler can easily trace a

process or facility and review the calculation procedures and assumptions for any emissions

value. CONCEPT includes modules for the major emissions source categories: area source,


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