The Sparse Matrix Operator Kernel Emissions (SMOKE), software and User’s Guide are

available through the University of North Carolina, Carolina Environmental Program

( SMOKE supports processing of criteria,

mercury, and toxics inventories for stationary point, stationary area, mobile, and biogenic

emissions. It can create input files for the CMAQ, CAMX, UAM-V, and REMSAD air quality

models. SMOKE was the basis for development of the BEIS3 system, so BEIS3 in its original

form can be used easily with SMOKE. Applications of SMOKE have been presented at several

of the International Emissions Inventory Workshops (Houyoux, 2000; Strum, 2003). SMOKE is

available for UNIX and Linux operating systems and is not recommended for use on a PC. It

does not require third party software. It does not include utilities for creating speciation profiles,

biogenic land use, or spatial surrogates, though the latter two datasets can be built using the

Multimedia Integrated Modeling System (MIMS) Spatial Allocator Tool

( Support for the SMOKE system is

available through the Community Modeling and Analysis System (CMAS) help desk


The Emissions Modeling System, (EMS 2001, is a later version of EMS-95, which was used in the

modeling underlying the U.S. EPA NOx SIP call rule to reduce regional NOx emissions (U.S.

EPA 1998b), as well as in other applications of nested regional air quality models. It can create

inputs for the CAMX and UAM-V models. It includes the BIOME3 model, which provides

access to similar calculations of biogenic emissions as are available in the BEIS3 system. EMS-

2001 can be run on either Linux or Windows NT, and users must purchase a license for the SAS®


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