On-road emissions for fine-scale model grids (e.g., 4-km grid cells or smaller) may be

based on a link-based mentioned in Section 17.2. The VMT and speed data needed for a linkbased

approach can be provided using a Travel Demand Model (TDM). These models require

their own sets of inputs, which depend on the specific TDM used. Details on using TDMs for

link-based on-road mobile emissions are available from the EIIP document “Use of Locality-

Specific Transportation Data for the Development of Source Emission Inventories”


Emissions models have other input files that must be created. For example, criteria may

be needed for selecting elevated from non-elevated point sources. Each model has a large

number of files and settings which work together in fairly complex ways; therefore, care must be

taken to determine the files needed for the emissions model, and to prepare all needed input files

in a way that will support using the emissions model for the specific air quality modeling


17.4 How Are Inventory Data Converted Into Air Quality Model Input?

Emissions models are used to convert inventory data to inputs for air quality modeling.

As described in Section 17.3, additional ancillary data is needed to complete the process. The

emissions data from each of the five emissions sectors are temporally allocated, chemically

speciated, and spatially allocated. The resulting hourly, gridded, and speciated emissions from

39At the time this document was written, tools to readily predict future-year land use

patterns are not readily available in a form for use in emissions modeling.


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