use patterns, population growth, and demographics, however, the impact and utility of such

approaches is not well characterized39.

For biogenic emissions modeling, the Biogenic Emission Inventory System, version 3

(BEIS3) ( ) model comes with all needed ancillary

data, except the gridded land-use data and meteorology data for a specific air quality modeling

domain and grid. Other biogenic models are acceptable as well, provided that the users have

demonstrated their suitability for the modeling application. Land use and meteorology data that

are compatible with BEIS3 are needed for the specific grid and grid-cell resolution that is being

used. For BEIS3, land use data can be created with the MIMS Spatial Allocator

(, using raw Biogenic Emissions

Landcover Data (BELD), version 3 ( For futureyear

modeling, emissions developers can choose to change their land cover data based on

predicted changes in land use patterns, however, the impact and utility of such approaches is not

well characterized. The impact and model characterization of biogenic terpene and sequiterpene

on secondary aerosol format for PM modeling is currently evolving. Emissions modelers should

consider the latest available information on this issue where biogenic sources are key sources in

their modeling region.


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