all SCCs needing spatial

surrogates should be assigned a surrogate in a cross-reference file. Point sources do not need

spatial surrogates, since the emissions models assign the grid location based on the latitude and

longitude of the point sources. Additionally, EPA provides spatial surrogates and crossreferences

for a limited set of modeling grids and surrogate types at: Finally, for future-year modeling, emissions

developers can choose to change their spatial surrogate data based on predicted changes in land

38The baseline inventory should contain emissions estimates that are consistent with

emissions patterns which might be expected in the future year(s). If unplanned outages or

shutdowns at point sources occurred in the base year, then it may not be appropriate to project

those emissions to the future. Using a typical or average year baseline inventory provides an

appropriate platform for comparisons between the base year and future years. However, certain

emissions strategies may depend on capturing temporal emissions patterns on days with peak

ambient concentrations. This should be considered when creating typical or average year



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