The most current mobile source emissions methods can be found at

Biogenic Emissions - Biogenic emissions from plants and soil contribute VOC (including

terpenes that are imported for PM and regional haze modeling), NOx, and CO emissions, which

are best calculated as part of the emissions modeling step described in Section 17.4. These

emissions require land use data, which is described as an ancillary dataset in Section 17.3.

Geogenic emissions (such as volcanic emissions) are often not relevant for many areas, but if

geogenic sources in the modeling domain are expected to contribute in a significant way to air

quality problems, they should be included.

Other Considerations - For all sectors, emissions data must be compiled at a minimum as an

annual total for the base modeling year. Emissions can also be compiled as monthly total

emissions or (for ozone) an average summer day inventory. In any case, the temporal allocation

step during emissions modeling (see Sections 17.3 and 17.4) must adjust the inventory resolution

for the modeling time period. Additionally, we encourage the use of more temporally specific

data where it is available and can be expected to improve model performance. For example,

hour-specific Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) data may be used as a source for hourspecific

NOx and SO2 emissions and exit gas flow rates37, and the hourly heat-input CEM data



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