Point Sources- Point source inventories for modeling should be compiled at a minimum by

country, State/Tribe, county, facility, stack, and source category code (SCC) but often are further

subdivided by “point” and “segment”(see references below to point-source inventory

development). The point source data must include information on the location of sources (e.g.,

latitude/longitude coordinates); stack parameters (stack diameter and height, exit gas temperature

and velocity); and operating schedules (e.g., monthly, day-of-week, and diurnal).

Stationary Area Sources- Stationary-area source emissions data should be compiled by

country, State/Tribe, county, and SCC. The most current stationary source emissions methods

can be found at http://www.epa.gov/ttn/chief/.

On-Road Mobile- On-road mobile source emissions should be estimated using the most current

version of the U.S. EPA MOBILE model ( http://www.epa.gov/omswww/m6.htm), and for

California, the most current version of EMFAC (http://www.arb.ca.gov/msei/msei.htm) in

concert with vehicle miles traveled (VMT) data representative of the time periods modeled. The

MOBILE model allows modelers to override default settings to obtain a local-specific on-road

inventory, and modelers should consider using these options to improve their inventories. Onroad

emissions and VMT should be compiled at least at the country, State/Tribe, county, and

SCC level, though modelers may optionally compile and use data for individual road segments

(called “links”). The link approaches requires starting and ending coordinates for each road link.

As noted in Section 17.3, link-based emissions can be based on Travel Demand Models (TDMs).



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