attainment demonstration analyses will be based on meteorological data from these types of

dynamic meteorological models. However, there are other acceptable means of generating

meteorological data for an air quality modeling simulation. Over the next several years, EPA

further expects that more meteorological input data sets will be developed from archived

National Weather Service (NWS) model simulations. It is possible that data from archived

model simulations (such as WRF) could be used to feed air quality simulations. Some of these

prognostic meteorological models are already being used to drive real-time air quality forecasts

(McQueen, 2004). Additionally, in some cases the dynamic meteorological model may not

adequately capture key meteorological elements of an airshed's conceptual model (e.g.,

source-receptor transport vectors to key monitoring locations). In cases such as these, it may be

appropriate to blend the dynamic model data with wind data from an objective analysis of

observed wind fields.

A description of the methods used to generate the meteorological fields should be

included in the modeling protocol. In cases in which standard meteorological modeling (e.g.,

MM5, RAMS, or WRF in a retrospective analysis mode) is not used, it is recommended that a

detailed description of the technique that is used to generate the three-dimensional

meteorological fields be shared with the appropriate EPA regional office(s) prior to conducting

the air quality modeling analysis.


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