There is no correct minimum number of vertical layers needed in an attainment

demonstration. The vertical resolution will vary depending on the application. Recent

applications of one atmosphere models (with model tops at 100mb) have used anywhere from 12

to 21 vertical layers with 8-15 layers approximately within the boundary layer (below 2500m)

and 4-6 layers above the PBL (Baker, 2004b), (Hu, 2004).

There are also ozone model applications which may not need to consider the full set of

meteorological data through the tropopause. These applications typically use vertical domains

which extend up to 4 or 5 km. These applications are most appropriate for short ozone episodes

that occur under high pressure conditions (little cloud cover or precipitation). In these cases,

fewer vertical layers are needed to represent the atmosphere up to the top of the domain (4-5

km). However, where appropriate, EPA encourages the use of full-scale one-atmosphere models

which account for all atmospheric processes up to ~100 mb.


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