miles or more upwind of the receptor area (U.S EPA, 1998b) (U.S. EPA, 2005b). The modeling

domain should be designed so that all major upwind source areas that influence the downwind

nonattainment area are included in the modeling domain. The influence of boundary conditions

should be minimized to the extent possible.

The inner domain of a nested model application should include the nonattainment area

and surrounding counties and/or States. The size of the inner domain depends on several factors.

Among them are:

1) The size of the nonattainment area.

2) Proximity to other large source areas and/or nonattainment areas.

-Relatively isolated areas may be able to use a smaller fine grid domain.

-Nearby source areas should be included in the fine grid.

3) Proximity of topographical features which appear to affect observed air quality.

4) Whether the model application is intended to cover multiple nonattainment areas.

5) Typical wind speeds and re-circulation patterns.

-Very light wind speeds and re-circulation patterns may obviate the need for a large fine

grid domain.


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