13.3 What Factors Affect My Choice of A Model For A Specific Application?

States/Tribes should consider several factors as criteria for choosing a qualifying air

quality model to support an attainment demonstration or uniform rate of progress assessment.

These factors are: (1) documentation and past track record of candidate models in similar

applications; (2) advanced science and technical features (e.g., probing tools) available in the

model and/or modeling system; (3) experience of staff and available contractors; (4) required

time and resources versus available time and resources; and (5) in the case of regional

applications, consistency with regional models applied in adjacent regions. Finally, before the

results of a selected model can be used in an attainment demonstration, the model should be

shown to perform satisfactorily using the data base available for the specific application.

Documentation and Past Track Record of Candidate Models. For a model to be used

in an attainment demonstration, evidence should be presented that it has been found acceptable

for estimating hourly and eight-hourly ozone concentrations and/or hourly and 24-hour average

PM2.5 and PM component concentrations. Preference should be given to models exhibiting

satisfactory past performance under a variety of conditions. Finally, a user’s guide (including a

benchmark example and outputs) and technical description of the model should be available.

Advanced Technical Features. Models are often differentiated by their available

advanced science features and tools. For example, some models include advanced probing tools

that allow tracking of downwind impacts from upwind emissions sources. Availability of


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