5. Procedural Requirements

a. Identify how modeling and other analyses will be archived and documented

b. Identify specific deliverables to EPA Regional Office

90States may want to document detailed meteorological modeling decisions in a separate

document. At least a brief description of the meteorological model and model setup should be

contained in the air quality modeling protocol.

13.0 What Should I Consider In Choosing An Air Quality Model?

Photochemical grid models are, in reality, modeling systems in which an emissions

model, a meteorological model and an air chemistry/deposition model are applied. In this

guidance, we use the term “air quality model” to mean a gridded photochemical modeling

system. Some modeling systems are modular, at least in theory. This means that it is possible to

substitute alternative emissions or meteorological models within the modeling system. Often

however, the choice of an emissions or meteorological model or their features is heavily

influenced by the chosen air quality model (i.e., an effort is needed to develop software to

interface combinations of components differing from the modeling system’s default

combination). Thus, choosing an appropriate air quality model is among the earliest decisions

to be made by those implementing the protocol. In this section, we identify a set of general

requirements which an air quality model should meet in order to qualify for use in an attainment

demonstration or regional haze application. We then identify several factors which will help in

choosing among qualifying air quality models for a specific application. We conclude this

section by identifying several air quality models which are available for use in attainment

demonstrations or regional haze assessments. Meteorological and emissions models are

discussed in Sections 16 and 17, respectively.


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