12.2 What Subjects Should Be Addressed In The Protocol?

At a minimum, States/Tribes should address the following topics in their

modeling/analysis protocol:

90States may want to document detailed meteorological modeling decisions in a separate

document. At least a brief description of the meteorological model and model setup should be

contained in the air quality modeling protocol.


1. Overview of Modeling/Analysis Project

a. Management structure

b. Technical committees or other communication procedures to be used

c. Participating organizations

d. Schedule for completion of attainment demonstration or uniform rate of progress


e. Description of the conceptual model for the nonattainment area (or Class I area(s))

2. Model and Modeling Inputs

a. Rationale for the selection of air quality, meteorological, and emissions models

b. Modeling domain

c. Horizontal and vertical resolution

d. Specification of initial and boundary conditions

e. Episode selection

f. Description of meteorological model setup90

g. Development of emissions inputs

h. Geographic area identified for application of the attainment test(s)

i. Methods used to quality assure emissions, meteorological, and other model inputs

3. Model Performance Evaluation

a. Describe ambient data base

b. List evaluation procedures

c. Identify possible diagnostic testing that could be used to improve model performance

4. Supplemental Analyses

a. List additional analyses to be completed to corroborate the model attainment test

b. Outline plans for conducting a weight of evidence determination, should it be



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