7. Do monitored violations occur at locations subject to mesoscale wind patterns (e.g., at a

coastline) which may differ from the general wind flow?


8. Have there been any recent major changes in emissions of PM or its precursors in or near

the nonattainment area? What?

(Yes, measures believed to result in major reductions in VOC and NOx have been

implemented in the last 5 years. Reductions in power plant NOx have resulted from the

NOx SIP call and SO2 emissions reductions have resulted from the national program to

reduce acid deposition.)

9. Are there discernible trends in design values or other air quality indicators which have

accompanied a change in emissions?

(The trend appears to be downward, but the most recent air quality data has been

higher. Overall, the period of record is insufficiently long to tell).

10. Is there any apparent spatial pattern to the trends in design values?


11. What past modeling has been performed and what do the results suggest?

(A regional modeling analysis has been performed for ozone and PM2.5. Two

emission scenarios were modeled: current emissions and a substantial reduction in NOx and

SO2 emissions throughout a regional domain. Reduced NOx emissions led to substantial

predicted reductions in 8-hour daily maximum ozone in most locations. Modeled SO2

reductions from the CAIR rule had a strong impact on sulfate concentrations)

12. Are there any distinctive meteorological measurements at the surface or aloft which

appear to coincide with occasions with PM2.5 concentrations in excess of 15.0 :g/m3?

(Other than routine soundings taken twice per day, there are no measurements aloft.

There is no obvious correspondence with meteorological measurements other than daily

maximum temperatures are often > 85F on days with the highest PM2.5 observations.)


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