be ignored in choosing size of a domain and its grid cells include the feasibility of managing

large data bases and the resources needed to estimate meteorological inputs and air quality in

many grid cells.

6. Generate meteorological inputs to the air quality simulation model. Prognostic

meteorological models will ordinarily be used to generate the meteorological inputs used in the

attainment demonstration modeling. The application of meteorological models and the choice of

model grid resolution in the preceding step are closely related. Meteorological conditions near

the area which is the focus of an attainment demonstration may dictate the required spatial

resolution. On the other hand, cost and data management difficulties increase greatly for finely

resolved grids. Thus, those implementing the protocol will likely be faced with a tradeoff

between cost/feasibility of running air quality and meteorological models and resolution at which

it might be most desirable to treat dispersion of nearby emissions.

7. Generate emissions inputs to the air quality simulation model. Emissions are the central

focus in a modeled attainment demonstration because they are the only input which is altered

between the present and future case scenarios and represent the model input to which control

strategies are applied. Emissions inputs to an air quality model are generated using an emissions

model. Applying such a model is as complicated as the air quality model itself, and demands at

least as much attention. In current emissions models, emissions from some of the major source

categories are affected by meteorological conditions. This requires an interface between

meteorological inputs and emissions. The development of emissions data must also take into


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