cover full synoptic cycles is desirable. Depending on the area and the time of year, a synoptic

cycle may be anywhere from 5-15 days. Modeling even longer time periods of up to a full

season may simplify the episode selection process and provide a rich database with which to

apply the modeled attainment test. For annual average PM and regional haze applications, we

recommend modeling (at least) a full year.

5. Choose a modeling domain with appropriate horizontal and vertical resolution and

establish the initial and boundary conditions. Nested grid models will typically be used to

support the modeled attainment test. In order to provide reasonable boundary conditions for the

local nonattainment area, in many cases it is important to model a large regional domain with

relatively coarse resolution, and a smaller sub-regional domain with relatively fine horizontal

resolution. Meteorological and air quality data corresponding to the time periods that will be

modeled need to be reviewed prior to choosing size of the area modeled. Appropriate domain

size is influenced by the air quality goal being addressed, whether the model is being applied to

address ozone and/or primary and/or secondary particulate matter, and the choice of days


The presence of topographical features or mesoscale meteorological features (e.g.,

land/sea breeze) near or in the nonattainment area of principal interest are factors to consider in

choosing size of individual grid cells and the number of required vertical layers for that portion

of the modeling grid. Another factor affecting the choice of grid cell size is the available spatial

detail in the emissions data used as input to an emissions model. Finally, factors which cannot


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