-Daily component specific RRFs can be examined to determine if one or more days are

responding in a different way compared to the majority of the best or worst days.

Determining why days may be more or less responsive to emissions controls may lead to

conclusions regarding the suitability of particular days to be represented in the mean

response. It may be appropriate, in some cases, to re-calculate mean RRFs with suspect

days removed.

- Re-rank future estimated light extinction (i.e., bext values) for all days with current

measurements and recompute mean future “best” and “worst” visibility (i.e., do not

assume that the identity of baseline “best” and “worst” days remains the same).

Concerns about modeling days with “best” visibility. In some parts of the United

States, concentrations of the components of particulate matter used in visibility calculations may

be within a :g/m3 or two of background levels on days with “best” visibility. Measurements and

model estimates may be subject to more relative uncertainty (i.e., lower signal to noise ratio) on

days where observed concentrations of particulate matter are very low (and light extinction is

also low). Utility of weight of evidence determinations is heightened in such cases. If a State

has reason to believe that an atmospheric simulation model’s ability to estimate concentrations

of components of particulate matter is limited on such days, performance tests described in

Section 18 should be applied to the extent feasible for the specific Class I area in question. Next,

a State should see whether a model’s inability to accurately predict one or more individual


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