tracking guidance) lists the recommended monthly f(rh) values80 for each Class I area as well as

the representative site for each Class area. The representative IMPROVE site data will be used

to track regional haze progress for the Class I areas. Therefore, it follows that visibility

improvement should be predicted at the monitor, not at the actual Class I area. For the purposes

of deriving ambient data for modeling, we recommend following the same representative site

assignments contained in the tracking guidance. In this way, the 20% worst and best days can be

derived for each Class I area from the network of 110 IMPROVE sites81. Similarly, the

modeling results should be extracted for the location of the representative monitor, not the actual

location of the Class I area82.

Considering a base year with little or no monitored particulate matter or missing

data. The Tracking Guidance recommends calculating baseline visibility values for sites with at

least 3 out of 5 complete years of data. It further contains recommendations for determining if a

year has complete data. In general, a site should have 50% data completeness in all quarters and

meet a 75% completeness criteria for the full year. There should be no periods with more than

30 consecutive days without data. The guidance assumes that all IMPROVE sites will have at

least 3 complete years of data in the base 2000-2004 period. The guidance also contains

procedures for filling in missing data as part of the calculation of the 20% best and worst days.

We recommend that these same procedures are followed for calculations in the modeled test.


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