And finally, the 5 year weighted average is equal to the average of the 3 future year design


5 year weighted average future DV= (65.4 + 58.7 + 60.9)/3 = 61.7 = 62 ug/m3

5.3 Special Considerations for Primary PM2.5

Primary particulate matter does not undergo chemical transformation between

its being emitted and its arrival at a receptor location. Thus, a relatively lengthy travel time from

source to receptor (to enable thorough mixing and chemistry to proceed) is not needed for high

concentrations of primary particulate matter to occur. Therefore, unlike secondary particulate

matter, we would often expect concentrations of primary particulate matter to increase the closer

one gets to its source(s) of emissions. Therefore, if a designated nonattainment area contains a

few (as opposed to many which are spread out) concentrated sources of primary particulate

matter, we would expect there to be some substantial spatial gradients in the primary portion of

the organic carbon component and in the inorganic particulate matter (OPP) and elemental

carbon (EC) components of ambient PM2.5 (these are often called “hotspots”). Substantial

gradients are most likely to be a potential problem in addressing whether a proposed control

strategy is sufficient to attain the 24-hour NAAQS for PM2.5. This follows, because orientation

of a source’s plume varies. For many hours, one might expect to find no impact from such a

source at a given location. Occasions with no likely impact tend to balance those large impacts

occurring over some periods.


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