Application of AIM at the specified FRM filter equilibration conditions show that PBW

is much more dependent on sulfate concentration compared to nitrate and that the relationship

varies somewhat by season. There is proportionally less estimated PBW water for wintertime

aerosol which has higher NO3 and lower SO4. The PBW concentrations are also sensitive to the

degree of neutralization of the sulfate particles (determined by the relative concentration of


For computational convenience, a polynomial regression equation was fit to the

calculated water mass from AIM and the three input values that fed into AIM (sulfate, nitrate

and ammonium). A polynomial equation can then be used in all SMAT analyses to estimate


We recommend calculating PBW as a component of PM2.5 mass. The AIM model (or

other equilibrium models) can be used, or a regression equation can be developed to simplify the


Other Primary PM2.5

The terms “crustal”, “fine soil”, “major metal oxides”, “inorganic particulates”, and

“other PM” are sometimes used interchangeably. For PM2.5 NAAQS calculations we will refer

to this material as “other primary PM2.5"(OPP). For regional haze calculations, we will continue

to refer to this material as fine soil.



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