Step 1. Compute baseline design values. Compute site-specific baseline design values

(DVBs) from observed data by using the average of the design value periods which include

the baseline inventory year.

This is illustrated in Table 3.1 for specific sites. The values in the right hand column of

Table 3.1 are site-specific baseline design values.

Step 2. Estimate relative response factors. Use air quality modeling results to estimate a

relative response factor for each grid cell near a monitoring site.

This step begins by computing the mean 8-hour daily maximum ozone concentrations for

future and baseline emissions. The relative response factor for site I is given by Equation 4.1.

(RRF)I = (mean 8-hr daily max)future/ (mean 8-hr daily max)baseline (4.1)

Using Equation (4.1), the relative response factor is calculated as shown in example 3.2.

Note that the RRF is calculated to three significant figures to the right of the decimal place. The

last significant figure is obtained by rounding, with values of “5" or more rounded upward. For

the illustration shown in Table 4.2, we have assumed that the same four days described

previously in Example 4.1 have been simulated. Note that on day 3, model baseline 8-hour daily

maximum ozone concentration was < 85 ppb. As discussed in Section 4.1, predictions for this

day are not included in calculating the mean values shown in the last row of the table. We have

also assumed that the monitored baseline design value (DVB) at site I is 102.0 ppb.


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