Example 3.1


(1) The baseline inventory year is 2002 (i.e., 2002 emissions are being modeled).

15The emissions trends and meteorological data during the five year period should be

evaluated to determine if any large emissions changes and/or “extreme” meteorological

conditions have occurred during the period. It is especially important to consider the emissions

and meteorology during the middle year of the period. When choosing a base emissions year

and calculating baseline design values, extreme conditions that may lead to either abnormally

high or abnormally low concentrations should be discussed with the appropriate EPA Regional

Office. See section 14 for more information on selecting modeling time periods.

16The “baseline design value” is an average of several design values and thus is

technically not a design value. The guidance continues to refer to the average design values as

“design values” even though they are based on averages of observed design values.

(2) For purposes of illustration, suppose the area contains only three ozone monitors.

Find: The appropriate site-specific baseline design values to use in the modeled attainment test.

Solution: Since the inventory reflects 2002, we need to examine monitored design values for

overlapping 3-year periods that include 2002. The three design values are then averaged for

each site. These are the values for site-specific baseline design values (DVB) in the modeled

attainment test. The procedure is shown in Table 3.1.


n601 - n602 - n603 - n604 - n605 - n606 - n607 - n608 - n609 - n610 - n611 - n612 - n613 - n614 - n615 - n616 - n617 - n618 - n619 - n620 - n621 - n622 - n623 - n624 - n625 - n626 - n627 - n628 - n629 - n630 - n631 - n632 - n633 - n634 - n635 - n636 - n637 - n638 - n639 - n640 - n641 - n642 - n643 - n644 - n645 - n646 - n647 - n648 - n649 - n650


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