2.3 What Does A Recommended Supplemental Analysis/Weight Of Evidence

Determination Consist Of? --An Overview

As we describe in more detail in Section 7, States/Tribes should always perform

complementary analyses of air quality, emissions and meteorological data, and consider

modeling outputs other than the results of the attainment test. Such analyses are instrumental in

guiding the conduct of an air quality modeling application. Sometimes, the results of

corroboratory analyses may be used in a weight of evidence determination to show that

attainment is likely despite modeled results which may be inconclusive. The further the

attainment test is from being passed, the more compelling contrary evidence produced by

corroboratory analyses must be to draw a conclusion differing from that implied by the modeled

attainment test results. If a conclusion differs from the outcome of the modeled test, then the

need for subsequent review (several years hence) with more complete data bases is increased. If

the test is failed by a wide margin (e.g., future design values outside the recommended range at

an individual site or multiple sites/locations), it is far less likely that the more qualitative

arguments made in a weight of evidence determination can be sufficiently convincing to

conclude that the NAAQS will be attained. Table 2.1 contains guidelines for assessing when

corroboratory analyses and/or weight of evidence determinations may be appropriate.

Table 2.1


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