- mass associated with elemental carbon

-mass associated with particle bound water

- mass associated with “other”primary inorganic particulate matter

-and passively collected mass

A separate RRF is calculated for each of the PM2.5 components (except passive mass).

We call each of these site-specific ratios, component-specific RRFs. Future PM2.5 design values

are estimated at existing monitoring sites by multiplying modeled relative response factors

“near” each monitor times the observed “component specific design value”. This latter quantity

is estimated using measured site-specific design values for PM2.5 in concert with available

measured composition data. Future site-specific PM2.5 design values at a site are estimated by

adding the future year values of the seven PM2.5 components. If all future site-specific PM2.5

design values are # the concentration specified in the NAAQS, the test is passed.

2.2 What Is The Recommended Modeling Assessment For Regional Haze?- An


The recommended modeled test for assessing uniform rate of progress in reducing

regional haze is similar conceptually to the recommended tests for the two NAAQS for PM2.5.

Models are used to develop relative response factors for each of 6 components of particulate

matter between a base period (2000-2004) and a future 5-year period which will be reviewed in

2018. Components used for regional haze-related applications differ slightly from those used for

NAAQS-related applications. They are:

- mass associated with sulfates;

- mass



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