Section 15 identifies factors which should be considered in choosing; a model domain,

the horizontal and vertical resolution, and the initial/boundary conditions for an air quality

modeling application.

Section 16 addresses how to develop and evaluate meteorological inputs for use in a

modeling exercise supporting an attainment demonstration or uniform rate of progress analysis..

Section 17 discusses how to develop appropriate emissions estimates for use in the

selected air quality model.

Section 18 outlines the structure of model performance evaluations and discusses the use

of diagnostic analyses.

The guidance concludes with references and a glossary of important terms which may be

new to some readers.

2.0 What Is A Modeled Attainment Demonstration?--An Overview

A modeled attainment demonstration consists of (a) analyses which estimate whether

selected emissions reductions will result in ambient concentrations that meet the NAAQS and (b)

an identified set of control measures which will result in the required emissions reductions. As

noted in Section 1, this guidance focuses on the first component of an attainment demonstration,

that is, completion and interpretation of analyses to estimate the amount of emission reduction

needed to attain the NAAQS. Emission reduction strategies should be simulated by reducing

emissions from specific source categories rather than through broad “across-the-board”

reductions from all sources.


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