Section 3 describes the recommended modeled attainment tests.

Section 4 describes the attainment test for ozone in more detail.

Section 5 describes the attainment tests for each of the two NAAQS for more


Section 6 outlines a recommended analysis to assess uniform rate of progress at Class I


Section 7 describes how supporting analyses should be performed to complement the

attainment test and the uniform rate of progress analysis, as well as how it should be used in a

weight of evidence determination.

Section 8 identifies several data gathering activities and analyses which States/Tribes

could undertake to enhance the credibility of the modeling and corroborative analyses to support

subsequent reviews on progress toward attainment and/or visibility improvements.

Section 9 identifies the documentation necessary to adequately describe the analyses


used to demonstrate attainment of the ozone NAAQS.

Part II (“How should I apply air quality models to produce results needed to help

demonstrate attainment?”) begins in Section 10 with an overview of the topics to be covered.

Section 11 identifies a series of meteorological, emissions and air quality data analyses

which should be undertaken to develop a qualitative description of an area’s nonattainment

problem prior to a model application. As we describe, this qualitative description should be used

to guide the subsequent model application.

Section 12 describes the purpose, function, and contents of a modeling protocol.

Section 13 addresses what criteria should be considered in choosing a model to support

the ozone and PM attainment demonstrations and uniform rate of progress analyses. Several

guidelines are identified for accepting the use of a model for this purpose.

Section 14 provides guidance for selecting suitable time periods (or episodes) to model

for an attainment demonstration or uniform rate of progress analysis. Topics include a

discussion of the form of the NAAQS and its resulting implications for episode selection.


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