hour ozone implementation rule5 and the PM2.5 implementation rule6.

Implementation plan revisions for ozone and PM2.5 are due three years from the effective

designation date after an area is designated “nonattainment” (e.g., June 15, 2007 for areas whose

effective designation dates are June 15, 2004). Regional haze SIPs (for the first planning period)

are due no later than December 17, 2007 (40 CFR 50.308(b)) Attainment and uniform rate of

progress analyses supporting these revisions should be completed in time to allow sufficient time

to complete the rulemaking process by the SIP due date.

1.3 How Does The Perceived Nature Of Ozone, PM, and Regional Haze Affect

My Attainment Demonstration?

Guidance for performing attainment demonstrations needs to be consistent with the

perceived nature of the pollutant. In this section, we identify several premises regarding ozone,

PM2.5, and regional haze. We then describe how the guidance accommodates each.

1.3.1 Ozone, PM, and Regional Haze

Premise 1. There is uncertainty accompanying model predictions. “Uncertainty” is the

notion that model estimates will not perfectly predict observed air quality at any given location,

neither at the present time nor in the future. Uncertainty arises for a variety of reasons, for

example, limitations in the model’s formulation which may be due to an incomplete

representation in the model of physiochemical processes and/or meteorological and other input

data base limitations, and uncertainty in forecasting future levels of emissions. States/Tribes

should recognize these limitations when preparing their modeled attainment demonstrations.


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