The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to EPA Regional, State, and Tribal

air quality management authorities and the general public, on how to prepare 8-hour ozone and

PM2.5 attainment demonstrations and regional haze uniform rate of progress analyses using air

quality models and other relevant technical analyses. This guidance is designed to implement

national policy on these issues. This document does not substitute for any Clean Air Act

provision or EPA regulation, nor is it a regulation itself. Thus, it does not impose binding,

enforceable requirements on any party, nor does it assure that EPA will approve all instances of

its application. The guidance may not apply to a particular situation, depending upon the

circumstances. The EPA and State decision makers retain the discretion to adopt approaches on

a case-by-case basis that differ from this guidance where appropriate. Any decisions by EPA

regarding a particular State Implementation Plan (SIP) demonstration will only be made based

on the statute and regulations, and will only be made following notice and opportunity for public

review and comment. Therefore, interested parties will be able to raise questions and objections

about the contents of this guidance and the appropriateness of its application for any particular




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