the user wishes to utilize one of the three output options, then c 1 are should be taken in developing

2 the model inputs to ensure accurate design value calculations.


4 Situations that would effectively preclude the use of the MAXDCONT option to calculate

5 meaningful AERMOD design value calculations include the following examples:

6 Separate AERMOD runs for each source or groups of sources.

7 o SIP modeling includes 10 facilities for 5 years of NWS data and each facility is

8 modeled for 5 years in a separate AERMOD run, resulting in ten separate AERMOD

9 runs.

10 Separate AERMOD runs for each source and each modeled year.

11 o 10 facilities are modeled for 5 years of NWS data. Each facility is modeled

12 separately for each year, resulting in fifty individual AERMOD runs.


14 In the two situations listed above, the MAXDCONT option would not be useful as the

15 different AERMOD runs do not include a total concentration with contributions from all

16 facilities. In these situations, the use of 24-hour POSTFILES, which can be quite large, and

17 external post-processing would be needed to calculate design values.


19 Situations in which the MAXDCONT options may be used but may necessitate some

20 external post-processing afterwards to calculate a design value include:

21 The receptor network is divided into sections and an AERMOD run, with all sources and

22 years, is made for each sub-network.



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