can be obtained from the Radiosonde Data of North A 1 merica CD for the period 1946-1997.

2 Upper air soundings for 1994 through the present are also available for free download from the

3 Radiosonde Database Access website. Users should choose all levels or mandatory and

4 significant pressure levels29 when selecting upper air data. Selecting mandatory levels only

5 would not be adequate for input into AERMET as the use of just mandatory levels would not

6 provide an adequate characterization of the potential temperature profile.


8 4. Running AERMOD and implications for design value calculations


10 Recent enhancements to AERMOD include options to aid in the calculation of design

11 values for comparison with the PM2.5 NAAQS and to aid in determining whether emissions from

12 the project source contributed significantly to any modeled violations. These enhancements

13 include:

14 The MAXDCONT option, which shows the contribution of each user-specified source

15 group to the high ranked values for a specified target source group paired in time and

16 space. The user can specify a range of ranks to analyze or specify an upper bound rank,

17 i.e. 8th highest, corresponding to the 98th percentile for the 24-hour PM2.5 NAAQS, and a

18 lower threshold concentration value, such as the NAAQS for the target source group.

19 The model will process each rank within the range specified, but will stop after the first

20 rank (in descending order of concentration) that is below the threshold value if specified

21 by the user. A warning message will be generated if the threshold is not reached within

22 the range of ranks analyzed (based on the range of ranks specified on the RECTABLE

23 keyword). This option may be needed to aid in determining which sources should be

24 considered for controls.



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