For more details about GEP, see the Guideline for Determination of Good Engineering Practice

17 Stack Height Technical Support Document (U.S. EPA, 1985).


19 If stack heights exceed GEP, then GEP heights should be used with the individual stack’s

20 other parameters (temperature, diameter, exit velocity). For stacks modeled with actual heights

21 below GEP that may be subject to building downwash influences, building downwash should be

22 considered as this can impact concentrations near the source (Section 6.2.2b, Appendix W). If

23 building downwash is being considered, the BPIPPRIME program (U.S. EPA, 2004d) should be

24 used to input building parameters for AERMOD. More information about buildings and stacks

25 is provided in Section 6.5.


27 2.3. Source configurations and source types


29 An accurate characterization of the modeled facilities is critical for refined dispersion

30 modeling, including accurate stack parameters and physical plant layout. Accurate stack

31 parameters should be determined for the emissions being modeled. Since modeling would be

32 done with maximum allowable or potential emissions levels at each stack, the stack’s parameters

33 such as exit temperature, diameter, and exit velocity should reflect those emissions levels.

34 Accurate locations (i.e.. latitude and longitude or Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)

35 coordinates and datum)28 of the modeled emission sources are also important, as this can affect

36 the impact of an emission source on receptors, determination of stack base elevation, and relative

37 location to any nearby building structures. Not only are accurate stack locations needed, but

38 accurate information for any nearby buildings is important. This information would include

39 location and orientation relative to stacks and building size parameters (height, and corner

40 coordinates of tiers) as these parameters are input into BPIPPRIME to calculate building

41 parameters for AERMOD. If stack locations and or building information are not accurate,



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