If modeling indicates elevated levels of PM2.5 (near 1 the standard) near the edge of the

2 receptor grid, consideration should be given to expanding the grid or conducting an additional

3 modeling run centered on the area of concern. As noted above, terrain complexity should also be

4 considered when setting up the receptor grid. If complex terrain is included in the model

5 calculations, AERMOD requires that receptor elevations be included in the model inputs. In

6 those cases, the AERMAP terrain processor (U.S. EPA, 2004b; U.S EPA, 2011a) should be used

7 to generate the receptor elevations and hill heights. The latest version of AERMAP (version

8 09040 or later) can process either Digitized Elevation Model (DEM) or National Elevation Data

9 (NED) data files. The AIG recommends the use of NED data since it is more up to date than

10 DEM data, which is no longer updated (Section 4.3 of the AIG).

12 2. Source inputs


14 This section provides guidance on source characterization to develop appropriate inputs

15 for dispersion modeling with the AERMOD modeling system. Section 2.1 provides guidance on

16 use of emission, Section 2.2 covers guidance on Good Engineering Practice (GEP) stack heights,

17 Section 2.3 provides details on source configuration and source types, Section 2.4 provides

18 details on urban/rural determination of the sources, and Section 2.5 provides general guidance on

19 source grouping, which may be important for design value calculations.


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